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Article: Why So Many Insist on Polarized Sunglasses Year Round

Two photos of a woman wearing polarized sunglasses on the beach in the summer and also in the snowy winter

Why So Many Insist on Polarized Sunglasses Year Round

A pair of polarized lenses will ease eye strain and instantly improve visibility wherever (or whenever) you are.

In two photos, a man wears polarized sunglasses on a sunny summer day and on a snowy winter dayFashion statements aside, we wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection1 to shield against damaging UVA and UVB rays. To further protect our eye health, many people insist on sunglasses with polarized lenses that reduce glare and ease eye strain. But why is that exactly—and is polarization a feature you could benefit from year round?

A polarized lens acts like a filter or lattice which only allows the useful light traveling from the object viewed to reach the eye, while blocking all the glare caused by the scattered light traveling in many random directions. Objects then appear sharper. Colors are more vivid and in true natural proportion due to the removal of scattered white light.

Regular sunglasses, regardless of the cost, are only colored plastic or glass and cannot block out glare. These ordinary sunglasses just reduce the amount of visible light the eye sees, but the problem of glare still remains. Austin Diagnostic2

polarized sunglasses

By choosing polarized shades, you're improving what you see and giving your eyes a break any time there is light bouncing upwards into your eyes. That means any activities or situations where light is being reflected off of water, snow, or even asphalt—including driving, fishing, sailing, waterskiing (and snow skiing) and of course, poolside lounging—polarized sunglasses will help stop all that squinting far more than just UV-blocking sunglasses would. You're not just shading the scene, polarization actually boosts clarity by cutting glare.

In fact, the only time polarized lenses aren't recommended is if you're a pilot since visibility of gauges and instruments that use treated glass can be affected. Otherwise, polarized sunglasses are a popular choice for good reason!

TL;DR: We all agree that polarized sunglasses are suitable for wearing all year.

polarized sunglasses

There are clearly multiple perks in donning a pair, and no real downsides. While often it may be cost prohibitive, we're not charging more for polarization—that's right, it comes standard in all of our sunnies. 

Of course, polarized sunnies are a no-brainer in warm weather, when damaging UV rays are noticeably stronger—and when many of us are called to the great outdoors. As we round the corner into spring and summer, excursions like hitting the beach, fishing with buddies, catching a ballgame, road tripping and spring breaking also ramp up.A man in a snowy place sits on the back of a truck wearing a warm hat and polarized sunglasses

Once the weather cools and you hit the road to crunch through fallen leaves further north, or you hit the slopes—you guessed it, polarized lenses keep protecting your eyes against glare! Polarized sunglasses are an unexpected but smart part of winter life, especially if you're around snow which bounces all that sunlight back up and into your eyes. Having sunglasses that are polarized means you're sure to be prepared 365 days a year (since UV rays penetrate the clouds, sunnies provide protection even on overcast days). 

maglock sunglasses

Searching for a pair that feature high-style and practical polarization? All styles of MagLock™ Sunglasses tick both boxes. Each pair comes with polarized lenses so that you can get enhanced eye protection from the golf course to the pool deck and everywhere in between; we've yet to imagine a scenario where you'll regret getting rid of glare... Hot Tip: Opt for any of our styles with an amber lens for enhanced contrast against both grass and sky when you're on the putting green. Looking at a sunny ocean without sunglasses, and after looking at the same view through polarized amber lenses

Polarization isn't our only perk...

MagLock™ sunnies don't stop at being polarized. We've put the power of magnets to work in each and every pair. Since sunglasses are notoriously difficult to keep track of, and tend to fall off when they've been casually folded over a shirt collar (don't ask how we know...), we designed our MagLock frames to be über-comfy and difficult to misplace. 

maglock sunglasses

MagLock Sunglasses have hidden neodymium magnets to securely clip onto your shirt or around a bag or backpack strap, and instantly mount to anything magnetic like the fridge, locker, or a Ferris ModStation. Someone puts their pair of polarized MagLock sunglasses onto the fridge with magnetsIn short, they're problem-solving sunglasses that make life a little bit better, and look good doing it. 

maglock sunglasses

So the only question is: Which style?

For starters, Follys are a fan favorite. We're pretty sure it's because of their iconic wayfarer style and ridiculously wide range of color options (we lost count at 12). And if your face is on the small side, you can enjoy the same style in a sized-down version we call Noisette—named for the tidal creek that borders North Charleston's Riverfront Park. A man in a VW van wears a gray pair of MagLock Folly Sunglasses by Distil UnionIf you usually opt for a timeless-yet-on-trend vibe, Wando may be your go-to thanks to their round, unisex shape that somehow looks great in any decade: A man in an outdoor setting wears a tortoise pair of MagLock Wando Sunglasses by Distil UnionFeeling fly? Gear up with Osprey in a classic aviator shape, or upgrade to premium titanium with the new Mavericks for truly wingman-worthy style: A woman playing tennis wears a pair of MagLock Osprey Sunglasses by Distil Union

maverick sunglasses

No matter where your adventures take you this year, polarized MagLock™ Sunglasses (literally) have you covered. Peep the full lineup of styles to find your perfect match.  

polarized sunglasses


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