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Meet Ferris
Wallet Keys Organizer Accessories

Like beads at Mardi Gras, the tools that run your life are strewn about your house, stuffed between cushions, lost under furniture and crammed into junk drawers.

Something from Amazon's been locked up in mail jail for three days because you can't find the box key. And where the hell are your sunglasses? Little frustrations add up until the whole world seems overwhelming and unfair.

It all works together

Now let’s make it work for you

First, choose a cover

black leather modwallet cover with small distil logo on bottom right corner of cover

The smartest wallet you’ll ever own goes beyond cards and cash– letting you customize like crazy with Ferris add-ons:

Attach KeyMods, a USB, MultiTool and even additional CardSleeves in a split second, no tools required. Our patent-pending magnetic locking mechanism gives you the perfect balance of security and access. We call it MagLock.

Select the full-grain leather that suits your style, then complete your wallet with CardSleeves and MoneyClip.

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Mod your cover

distil moneyclip featured holding a 20 USD bill on a white backdrop
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distil cardsleeves with a fake cat ID in translucent plastic sleeves on a white backdrop
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Now choose a key carrier

slight angle view of distil black leather keyloop cover with fobring attached on top

The Ferris KeyLoop carries up to six keys. Easily add or remove keys thanks to the magically magnetic KeyMods with MagLock.

Plus, the included FobRing holds bigger items, like your car fob, tracker, or paracord keychain.

It sticks securely to any magnetic surface. Plunk it on the front door while you take a call, the fridge while you make a sandwich or the mailbox while you sort through bills. Check out the Ferris ModStation, designed to be the perfect home for your KeyLoop.

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distil black leather keyfolio cover with attached fobring on a white backdrop

You’ve got work keys, house keys, cabin keys and a Tacoma. You’re in luck. The Ferris KeyFolio carries up to 10 keys, plus we’ve included a FobRing to hold your car fob (or a tracker, or any other larger dongle).

MagLock KeyMods let you easily organize, add or remove any key, no tools required. And the FobRing slides off easily– because you’ll always have a buddy that needs to borrow the Tacoma.

Stick your KeyFolio securely to any magnetic surface; may we suggest our sleek ModStation.

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Mod your keys

distil keymod stick with grey lining holding two keys on a white backdrop
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two attached keymod clicks with grey lining holding keys on a white backdrop
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Give them a tidy home

distil white modstation with felt lining on a white backdrop

So, you’ve streamlined your essentials with the Ferris wallet and key system that's both handsome and functional. That’s some A+ adulting.

Now, give your things a worthy home with ModStation, a modern catch-all for your most common items.

While there’s a lot of metal in the world that you could easily stick your stuff to, we think you’ll like this felt-lined piece in particular. Mount a ModStation wherever clutter seems to creep up. Stay organized, stop losing things and make your out-the-door routine easy peasy.

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