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Article: We Give Back to The Planet – And So Do You

We Give Back to The Planet – And So Do You

We Give Back to The Planet – And So Do You

"Good design is environmentally friendly." – Dieter Rams

Distil Union takes steps to reduce its environmental impact 

At Distil Union, designing products that make a difference in your everyday life is our mission. Part of that mission is our responsibility to play a role in protecting our planet with conscious design practices and by donating to non-profit environmental organizations. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we efficiently make an impact with our earnings: Every Distil Union purchase you make directly contributes to making the world a better place for all living things. Two of our non-profit partners for 2018 are:    


The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit member of 1% for the Planet

The Nature Conservancy

From our historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is constantly adapting to take on our planet’s biggest, most important challenges. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

Oceana is a non-profit member of 1% for the Planet


Oceana, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Our offices in North America, South America and Europe work together on a limited number of strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help return our oceans to former levels of abundance.

Distil Union designer Nate Justiss explores Ubud, Bali

Better Materials. 

Beyond donating a portion of profits, we make eco-conscious decisions in every aspect of our products. On Earth Day, we made a very personal pledge to discontinue the use of plastic in our product packagingAnd our commitment goes all the way to your doorstep: Distil Union mailers and boxes are made from post-consumer content and are easily recyclable. 

Smaller footprint.

Our line of minimalist Wally Wallets are designed with fewer layers of leather, resulting in two benefits: Efficient use of materials, and a slimmer profile in your pocket. Plus, our leather is sourced from tanneries certified for environmental stewardship by the Leather Working Group. Their efforts improve sustainability and minimize environmental impact of the industry– for example, through the audit program of leather manufacturers worldwide, the average water saved by LWG-rated tanneries each year is 12.1 billion liters!

Longer lasting.

Durability is another extremely important factor in lessening your environmental impact. For example, a polarized pair of MagLock Sunglasses are designed not just to protect your eyes, but also the planet. These frames are built to last, with rugged materials made to withstand the rigors of a life lived outside. On top of being durable, MagLocks have been intentionally designed to be harder to lose or misplace– the simple set of hidden magnets means you're far more likely to have these shades for a long time, keeping countless pairs of cheap sunnies out of landfills. 

Good design is environmentally friendly, quote by Dieter Rams.

Whether or not you're a business owner, for a healthy dose of empowering environmental inspiration we highly recommend picking up a copy of "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and co-founder of 1% for the Planet:

1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health, and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry. By contributing 1% of total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups, members of 1% for the Planet affect real change. 

And you can feel good that by supporting Distil Union, you're with us as stewards of a healthier, happier planet.

Distil Union is a proud member of 1% for the PlanetTo learn more about 1% for the Planet including individual memberships, check out

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