Distil is a clever thing company

We’re on a mission to organize + simplify your daily life.

Distil is an independent design studio that creates product-based ecosystems that are a pleasure to use. They work in harmony with one another to solve a problem while bringing a smile to your face. A well-designed everyday object can help you focus on what matters instead of juggling a dozen unnecessary things – because when a worry is off your mind, you can breathe easy and enjoy life.

our vision

Freedom from everyday frustrations gives you more time to do what you really love.


We weave 3 lofty principles into everything we do:


Even something meticulously crafted and complex should ultimately provide you with an elegant, effortless, intuitive experience. Life is hectic enough. Leave it to us to fuss over the details.


Usually the answer isn’t more things. It’s better things. By questioning assumptions and putting ourselves in your shoes, we’re able to create objects that feel like they were made just for you.


Our favorite objects are those that do more than look nice; their functionality makes a noticeable, positive impact on our lives. We love making things that you love to use.

We believe that good design is good for you.

We’ve been an independent design studio fueled by enthusiastic crowd-funding since 2011. In fact, lots of lifetime fans found us way back on Kickstarter after mumbling "heck, that's a good idea"...

We approach design challenges with passion and clarity by listening to what annoys you about your daily routines. Because, like you, we experience frustration and wasted time, too. And nothing makes us happier than hearing we've helped make your day a little bit easier.


We create from a place of positivity

Yes, we know that we’re just making wallets and sunglasses and stuff, but our core belief is that good design can make a difference in your life. #GoodDesignIsGoodForYou


We treat everyone with respect

Whether you're a first-time customer or a long-time colleague, we depend on each other and believe these earnest connections make the world a better place.


We roll up our sleeves

Even simple designs demand a lot of attention, skill and effort to execute well. It's a balance of intuition and over-thinking... To design the best products we possibly can, we live a hands-on hustle.


We make mindful decisions

From eco-certified tanneries to plastic-free packaging, it's our responsibility to act as good stewards of this Earth (hello, neighbor). That's why we’re committed to giving back as members of 1% for the Planet.

We know that we’ve said ‘we’ quite enough.

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