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Ferris Full Bundle

Sale price$195 Regular price$240

Ferris ModStation (Color):
KeyLoop Kit (Color):
ModWallet Kit (Color):
Ferris Full Bundle
Ferris Full Bundle Sale price$195 Regular price$240

Head out with all you need

Get organized (for good) with life-simplifying gear that mounts to any magnetic surface. Plop your everyday essentials on the ModStation so you never have to go couch-diving for your wallet, keys or sunglasses. The slim shelf also holds your phone and charging cable.

May the Ferris be with you

Mount a ModStation wherever clutter seems to creep up. Stay organized, stop losing things and make your out-the-door routine easy peasy.

Carry less and leave the rest

Modular components come together in a snap to suit your needs on a daily basis. Secure MagLock modules let you add, remove, and reorganize—no tools required.

Purge your pockets

Swap your current cluster of keys and cash for useful tools that mount to any magnetic surface. From KeyMod Sticks to ModWallet Covers - it all comes together with Ferris.

"With the Ferris ModStation you get a handy catch-all storage space to keep your EDC tidy yet accessible."

"This is the house organizer of my dreams."

"A unique catch all allows you to keep all your essentials easily accessible by the door, above your desk or next to your bed."

"If you find yourself getting stressed over misplaced keys, a wallet, or other items you need to grab before heading out the door, the magnetic Ferris modular organizer could be just what you need."