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Noisette Sunglasses

Sale price$69

Color:Anchor Black + Gray Polarized

Wear-everywhere shades that stick with you

Meet Noisette: This classic wayfarer is like our best-selling Folly frame, just in a smaller size. We named these for the tidal creek that borders North Charleston's Riverfront Park. (Don't sleep on tickets to the annual High Water Fest, y'all!)

At an open-air concert or on your daily walk with the dog, these shades are so comfy you’ll forget they’re even on your face. Slightly smaller than our best-selling Folly frames, Noisette’s features are equally robust: Like all of our MagLock™ sunglasses, they feature hidden neodymium magnets that clip securely onto your shirt or bag, and instantly mount to anything magnetic (like the fridge).

Case Included.
Worry-Free Guarantee: If you lose your MagLocks or break the frames, we’ll replace them up to 3x for just half price. It’s our way of backing up our promise: these shades are designed to be in it for the long haul!
Noisette Sunglasses
Noisette Sunglasses Sale price$69

Created for comfort + convenience

With a matte soft-touch finish, you can forget about pinching and slipping; just focus on the fun in front of you! And the magnets keep 'em super handy on the fridge – so don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for these lightweight shades every time you walk outside. (Unless you’re also a sunglasses-on-the-inside person, in which case, we have a few questions.)

Magic? Nah, it's magnets!

Beyond clipping securely to your shirt, magnets make MagLock® sunglasses easy to keep up with—on your fridge, the light switch... wherever's convenient in the moment. Not losing your glasses? Now that's magic.

Made to mitigate misplacements

Thanks to super-strong neodymium magnets, your MagLock® shades stay securely fastened to your shirt, and mount instantly to anything magnetic.

The summer blockbuster of sunglasses

These sunnies are like a shifty villain and action hero all in one: flexible Gnarlon™ frames with magnetic superpowers that are hard to shake AND are sure to bounce back after a nail-biting fall.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Your sunnies should be comfy on your face, not weighing on your mind: If you lose your MagLocks or break the frames, we'll replace them up to 3x for just half the price.

"I was surprised by how light they were. I've found these sunglasses to be really comfortable and functional. After using them regularly, it'd be a letdown to go back to other sunglasses."

"UNBREAKABLE UNSHAKEABLE SUNGLASSES FROM THE FUTURE. The MagLock Sunglasses are sunglasses like you've never seen before. Built the two powerful permanent Neodymium magnets, these shades can be snapped to your clothing securely enough to even sit on a roller-coaster without having them flying off."

"It's a cool design but not a surprise considering Distil Union's penchant for out-of-the-box thinking. On a bright day, these sunglasses will be your eyes best friend."

"My favorite feature is how they're basically indestructible. Bonus points for the polarized lenses."