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Ferris ModStation

Sale price$59

distil white modstation with felt lining on a white backdrop
Ferris ModStation Sale price$59

Customize and organize your everyday carry

Ferris is the modern way to carry your cards, cash and keys. With modular MagLock snaps and a full range of accessories to choose from, you'll be able to build the perfect system to suit your needs from day to day.

A home for the things you carry

A convenient hub for your Ferris ModWallet, keyLoop, KeyFolio and Maglock sunglasses. Bonus: It's also a smart mail-catch with cable management for your phone.

Ready to clear the clutter

Includes everything you need to mount ModStation wherever you want to keep things tidy, from getting into bed to heading out the door.

Your ticket to paradise

Staying organized reduces the likelihood of misplaced items, saving you precious time—minutes add up fast, spend 'em doing something you enjoy (instead of looking for lost stuff).

"With the Ferris ModStation you get a handy catch-all storage space to keep your EDC tidy yet accessible."

"This is the house organizer of my dreams."

"A unique catch all allows you to keep all your essentials easily accessible by the door, above your desk or next to your bed."

"If you find yourself getting stressed over misplaced keys, a wallet, or other items you need to grab before heading out the door, the magnetic Ferris modular organizer could be just what you need."