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Maverick Sunglasses

Sale price$129

Color:Titanium Gold + Gray Polarized
Distil Union Titanium Maverick MagLock Sunglasses in gold with gray polarized lenses
Maverick Sunglasses Sale price$129

Premium materials for a premium look (and feel).

Titanium is the best of the best when it comes to glasses frames: super-high strength and incredible durability at a fraction of the heft. With Maverick, you get all the comfort and functionality of our original MagLock® frames—with an extra dash of flash.

Magic? Nah, it's magnets!

Beyond clipping securely to your shirt, magnets make MagLock® sunglasses easy to keep up with—on your fridge, the light switch... wherever's convenient in the moment. Not losing your glasses? Now that's magic.

Maverick is more than just good looks

All-day comfort, 100% UVA/B protection and magnetic functionality all share the lead in this timeless aviator design. But fair warning: We can't help it if you get mistaken for Tom Cruise.

Strong as steel. Light as a feather.

We crafted these light-as-air titanium frames with our signature flex-to-fit stems so you won't have to suffer with tight, headache-inducing shades any more—not on our watch.

No more misplacing your sunglasses

With hidden neodymium magnets, MagLocks stay clipped to your collar and mount to anything magnetic—keep 'em on the fridge, where they'll be ready and waiting to head out the door.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Your sunnies should be comfy on your face, not weighing on your mind: If you lose your MagLocks or break the frames, we'll replace them up to 3x for just half the price.

"Distil Union incorporates some innovative solutions to make the MagLock Maverick Sunglasses cross the 'nice to have' line over to the 'must have' side."

"An exciting expansion to their Ferris-compatible sunglasses, all the glasses of course are magnetic, which means they are ready to grab when you're headed out the door."

"These magnetic sunglasses live rent-free in my head. I mean, they stick to your fridge. What's not to love?"

"The MagLock Sunglasses are sunglasses like you've never seen before. Built with two powerful permanent Neodymium magnets, these shades can be snapped to your clothing securely enough to even sit on a roller-coaster without having them flying off."