Want a Slimmer Wallet? Go Digital.

Go Digital: 6 Apps for a Slimmer Wallet

Minimizing your daily carry is one of our missions here at Distil Union. In addition to slimmer wallets by design, we're always cheering people on to reduce bulk by carrying only the essentials.

For many people, this means simply a drivers license, debit card, credit card, and one or two other cards that you absolutely need on a daily or weekly basis. Anything else can be kept in a separate location at home, or even digitized in your mobile phone. In fact, with our Wally Case, some lucky minimalists have been able to quit carrying a wallet entirely. #goals

You name it — there's an app for that ...

We've compiled these highly rated apps that will effectively help you slim down your everyday carry. (Bonus: all of these are free or have free versions.)

1. Apple Pay lets you scan and save digital versions of your cards so you can make purchases directly from your phone. It's becoming increasingly accepted in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online. In fact, Apple Pay is part of Apple Wallet, a place to digitally store things like boarding passes, concert tickets, reward cards and more for even greater wallet-slimming potential.

2. Venmo If you're still carrying paper money, make your friends happy with super-easy digital payments that don't cost a penny! Some have stayed away from Venmo because of the public social-sharing aspect, but you can absolutely keep all your transactions private (thereby alleviating the pressure to pick the perfect set of emojis 🍕). If you're still not convinced you can check with your bank, which may have an app that also allows sending money digitally. Rest assured, even landlords love Venmo! Well, the woke ones do anyway.

3. Store-specific apps easily replace that physical card that's taking up precious space in your wallet– and can add some great features: Like the Starbucks App that lets you skip the line, order and pay before you even walk in the door. Plenty of other stores, like CVS, now have their own apps to organize your loyalty points, but if they don't see Tip #4 ...

4. Key Ring and StoCard digitize those pesky plastic barcode tags clogging up your keychain and wallet! Scan them instead, and keep track of coupons and promotions so you never miss out on the chance to save. Whoa. And there's always the non-digital way: Tell the cashier your phone number. Talk about simple!

5. Gyft stores digital versions of your gift cards. Not only is this one less card for your wallet to carry, you're less likely to lose track of them and miss out on redeeming that money.

6. Evernote has untold powers of organization. Digitize paper receipts (instead of cramming them into your wallet), scan documents, and easily share across all your devices. As Evernote says, "business card piles are the worst" — get the Premium version to link your snapshot with the person's LinkedIn profile, so networking becomes a little easier on you and your wallet.

Think you're ready to go for the bold and go 100% digital? Let us know how that goes! For the rest of us, there's Wally Case to hold your remaining essential must-have cards right on the back of your phone, with pull-tab access to your hidden contents.

Wally Case has pull-tab access to your hidden cards. By Distil Union

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