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Wally Junior — MagSafe

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The MagSafe compatibility you need + the Wally convenience you crave

With your must-have cards and iPhone 12/13/14/15 in hand, you’re ready to walk out the door thanks to Apple's MagSafe connectivity. Never again get caught without your ID or sandwich shop loyalty card because it’s attached to the thing you spend too-many-hours-to-mention scrolling every day. 

Carry up to 4 cards securely, and easily access them with Wally's signature pull-tab. The magnetic closure keeps your cards tucked securely inside. 

Plus, it works with most other MagSafe phone models as well as magnetic car mounts. (And this Wally is fully shielded, so zero worries about card damage or interference.) Simply slide Wally off to use your wireless charger.


Now with stronger magnets!
Case not included (Apple MagSafe Cases recommended for strongest hold)

wally junior magsafe compatible
Wally Junior — MagSafe Sale price$44 Regular price$49

"This leather wallet comes in a wide variety of colors, fits FOUR cards, and has a handy pull tab so that you can quickly access your cards with a yank...Forget Apple, this is the perfect iPhone wallet."

Four cards for the win

If you've ever gotten to the register only to realize your wallet's in your car... you're not alone, my friend. With your four favorite cards connected right to your iPhone 12, you'll never be caught without the necessities. Access them easily with our secure magnetic pull-tab and enjoy having one less thing to remember.

Powerful things come in small packages.

This tiny-but-mighty wallet is a compact way to always keep your most-used cards and ID on hand. The steel sheet laminated onto its front makes the wallet magically stick to your favorite magnetic car mount. A neodymium magnet in the pull tab adds an extra layer of "locked-in" for your cards.

Selfie-proof secure magnetic pull-tab

Our pull-tab has a neodymium magnet sewn in and securely latches over the top so that your cards stay with you, even when you snap a pic or talk with your hands.

Plays well with magnetic car mounts

We've laminated a sheet of steel into the front of the wallet so that it works with your favorite magnetic car mount. It's basically Superman in wallet form.

Wax on, wax off for wireless charging

Pop off your wallet when you're ready to wirelessly charge your phone. Piece o' cake.