Design That Inspires: Braun Watches

For 95 years, industrial design powerhouse, Braun, has given us timeless, quality products. Some of our favorites are in their line of beautifully simple watches. These small timepieces are honest in form and material which embodies all of the design principles the company represents. 

Speaking of design principles, the author of the 10 Principles of Good Design, Dieter Rams was an early contributor to the success of Braun. In 1955 at the age of 23, Rams was hired by Braun as an interior designer. Soon after, he helped springboard the company's product line into the iconic modern design style it's known for today. 

A bit of trivia: the first watch released by Braun in the 1970s was digital, not analog! We'd wear it.

The Braun timepieces (and calculators) that we know today are licensed produced by Zeon Ltd., which has successfully bolstered the brand and kept it a forerunner in the modern watch market. The products are sold by design retailers all over the world