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Article: DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in October

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in October

It's been the best experience being part of the Kickstarter community over the past four years. The platform it provides for small start-ups is an innovative development that has leveled the playing field for designers around the globe. Kickstarter gives designers the opportunity to put their creative products into production that otherwise may have remained drawings in a sketchbook. We've collected some of our favorite projects that are campaigning this month, and be sure to check out our own Wally Micro that launched on Kickstarter a few weeks ago!  


SolidLUUV on Kickstarter

solidLUUV camera stabilizer This brilliantly engineered camera stabilizer eliminates shake from your videos. It fits GoPro, smart phones, and compact digital cameras. 


SOS 20K solar powered battery charger

SOS 20K is a durable and solar powered battery that acts as a charger where ever you are. Imagine not worrying about charging your GoPro on those week-long backpacking trips.  

Raincheck by Nick Jonas on Kickstarter

Raincheck Google technologist Nick Jonas has designed and developed a beautiful umbrella stand that indicates rain in the day's forecast with LEDs. You'll always know when to bring your umbrella.


Wildcard on Kickstarter

Wildcard is a handy multi-tool complete with a knife, pry bar, ruler, bottle opener, and screwdriver in the size of a credit card so it fits easily in your wallet for a more versatile everyday carry. The knife blade is detachable so you can leave it at home while you're air traveling – something many multi-tools don't offer. 


Coffee and Tea Diagram on Kickstarter

Coffee & Tea Diagrams Jason Haynes has created a series of useful, infographical posters that tell the story of the origins of coffee and tea. Now you can be a smarter sipper of the caffeinated beverages that are basically your lifeblood. 

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