Slim Design Makes a BIG Difference

See how Wally wallets deliver the same contents in half the size

Since seeing is believing, we put Wally Bifold to the test up against a classic Costanza Clunker. With a well-designed wallet, you can carry the same contents as your big wallet in a slim profile that's just half the size.

Then again, do you really need to carry all the cards you've accumulated? A lighter load has numerous benefits — not only does it free you from dealing with unnecessary clutter, you'll find a slim wallet can give you relief from back pain!

We've put together our top 4 tips for slimming your wallet.

What's in your wallet? No, seriously — does it need to be there?

1. Pick the Essentials.

What's in your wallet? No, seriously — does it need to be there? To instantly alleviate a bulging embarrassment, carry only the items you use daily: Empty your wallet. Now put back only the must-haves you use regularly. Digitize what's left in a password-protected app like Dashlane, and put them aside so they're literally out of sight out of mind. Nervous? Skeptical? Try it for a week ... Some cards might creep back in if you let them, but we bet you'll be happily surprised at what you don't miss.

Is that a computer in your pocket, or a smartphone which is basically a computer

2. Go Digital.

It's a new generation, but the old adage is still true: There’s an app for that! Put that pocket-sized computer to work. In addition to Dashlane, we've compiled highly rated wallet-slimming apps. If you own an iPhone, Apple Wallet can help you manage your gift card balances, coupons, boarding passes, concert tickets and more — so your real wallet doesn't have to. In fact, with our Wally Case, some lucky minimalists have been able to quit carrying a wallet entirely. #goals

Dolla dolla bills are so 2018

3. Carry Less Cash.

Not only does most everywhere accept plastic, our phones now offer services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet for secure, wireless transactions that further limit the need to carry paper money. For person-to-person payments try Venmo — it’s easy, widely used and refreshingly free.

How slim can your wallet go?

4. Get a Slimmer Wallet.

Now that you have less to carry, your wallet will naturally be slimmer. But all that work is for nothing if your wallet is inherently bulky. We know what you're thinking, Does which wallet I carry really make a difference? A: Definitely.

Before and after. These makeover results speak for themselves.

In traditional wallet construction, every slot adds yet another layer of thickness ... Using premium materials and our trademarked Wally Pull-Tab™ mechanism, we're able to achieve a slim design without the typical leather dividers that create bulk.

FlexLock is our patent-pending solution to stretched leather

Another way we've reduced bulk with Wally is our patent-pending FlexLock pockets.

Typically, leather will stretch with every card you add, meaning you have no choice but to hold onto everything if you don't want your cards to fall out of loose pockets. Not so with FlexLock: Wally's flexible spring-steel opening creates a subtle grip of tension that works in perfect harmony with the pull-tab to reveal your cards stored securely inside.

And last but not least, whether it's physical or psychological, having a slimmer wallet is a great way to reinforce the behavior of carrying less. We made it slim, but you make it minimal. Discipline, young grasshopper. You can do this — you can slim your wallet!

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