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Article: Where Does the Time Go?

Where Does the Time Go?

Where Does the Time Go?

If yours is lost between your sofa cushions, we’ve got a fix.

right hand pulling car keys out from the crevice of white sofa cushions

Even the most even-keeled of us will lose our cool when we can’t find something small but vital. In fact, we’d bet most toddlers learn their most colorful words when mom can’t find the keys 10 minutes before preschool.

Further, the size of the thing we’ve lost has an inverse relationship with our anger. When we miss the turn-off to Costco, we deal. If our phone disappears, the world is a tragic place without hope or fairness. 

A study by Pixie (a location app for iPhones) has some light to shed: 

  • 60% of us have been late to work or school because of lost items
  • 49% have missed appointments or meetings
  • 22% have missed flights, trains or bus rides 
  • They say that most items go missing at home, and found that Americans spend $2.7 billion dollars annually replacing things they can’t find. That means that two thirds of us are spending up to $50 every single year replacing our phones, keys, paperwork, glasses and wallets.


    hand reaching to grab keys from a dish of everyday carry items – watches, coins, cards

    While you can always make more money, you can’t just make more time. According to a study shared by Chipolo, we spend as much as 90 hours a year looking for misplaced stuff. That’s an extra 90 hours of learning a new skill, exploring the great outdoors, or BBQing with friends and family.

    Here at Distil, we think this is a problem that good design can solve. So we did.

    Say hello to Ferris - Our sleek new modular organization system. It works hard, it looks great and it sticks securely to any magnetic surface. Build it how you need it!

    ferris system with mounted magnetic modstation with modwallet, keyloop, maglock sunglasses, iphone and mail


    The smartest wallet you’ll ever own has modular CardSleeves (carry up to 10 cards) and MoneyClips. Select a durable leather or nylon cover that suits your style, then complete your carry with a KeyLoop or KeyFolio. Or, if you only carry one or two keys, carry them right in your ModWallet.

    right thumb revealing the contents inside the distil modwallet - folded $20 USD and cards


    Carries up to six keys, plus we’ve included a FobRing to hold your car fob or tracker. Easily add or remove it to share your car key or other large item. Plunk it on the front door while you take a call, the fridge while you make a sandwich or the mailbox while you sort through bills. 

    card fob attached to distil key holder revealing three keys attached by keymod sticks and clicks


    You’ve got work keys, house keys, cabin keys and a Tacoma. You’re in luck. The Ferris KeyFolio carries up to ten keys, plus we’ve included a FobRing to hold your car fob (or a tracker, or any other larger dongle). Easily add or remove any key. Because you’ll always have a buddy that needs to borrow the Tacoma.  

    uncovered keyfoilio cover with three keys inside and a fobring attachment


    While there’s a lot of metal in the world that you could easily stick your stuff to, we think you’ll like this sleek, felt-lined piece in particular. ModStation can be easily mounted wherever you need it to manage clutter. Stay organized, stop losing things and make your out-the-door routine easy peasy.

    color coordinated wall mount organizer holding a notebook, headphones, sunglasses, phone, wallet, and stylus

    Ferris is powered by the strongest rare-earth magnets we could find, because life can get shaky sometimes. And it’s endlessly customizable, because no one likes being told what to do. Scale up or down, and carry only what you need. Easily add or remove any key or fob, no tools required. You’re going to love it.

    And when you’re a hundred years old, lying in a deckchair by the seashore visiting your loved ones via hologram, you’re really going to appreciate the six months of your life you got back when you got Ferris.

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