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Article: Ignite Intentionality in 2024

Ignite Intentionality in 2024

Ignite Intentionality in 2024

Richie Norton quote "Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others' choices make us."Instead of piling on the "To-Dos" as part of a New Year's resolution, join us in making it our 2024 goal to be more mindful and purposeful with our time, attention and energy. Here are just a few ways to tackle that lofty task:

#1: Simplify your living space

Start small, like by decluttering an area or even just one drawer at a time with this goal-oriented 3-step method. As you edit your belongings, making visible, tangible progress will naturally encourage you to keep it up! Plus, you'll be able to reassess your space with fresh eyes—deciding things like where that reading lamp might make more sense, or if that pile of magazines *really* needs to live beside the couch. Feeling inspired to simplify? Check out this roundup of life and home hacks in our "52 Ways to Simplify" series.

A pair of Distil Union MagLock sunglasses sit on a bookshelf with a vintage camera

#2: Limit your time on social media

"Wow, I sure wish I'd spent more time mindlessly scrolling through videos on my screen last year." —No one, ever. Do yourself a favor and set healthy parameters for your social media usage on iOS12 + newer devices by going to Settings > Screen Time > App Limits. And if your willpower has proven no match for the iOS settings, check out Opal for advanced app-blocking powers!

If you find a little less scrolling feels good, you can try taking all things digital down a notch with these "Tips to Unplug and Live in the Moment" from Life Kit, one of our favorite life-hacky podcasts.

#3: Take breaks 

Schedule "brain breaks" throughout the day, as well as longer stretches of time free from work and to-dos over the course of the year. Recharging your mental and emotional batteries is an unskippable step in the practice of being fully present in your daily life. And if you struggle with being too sedentary while on the job, consider taking a 5 minute walk every half hour, aka having a little exercise "snack".

A young woman stands on a grassy mountain in Hawaii, smiling and wearing Distil Union MagLock sunglasses

#4: Learn to say no

This one might take practice, but it's a life skill that will help you create more time for what you love. Here's a snippet from a worth-your-time essay that really put this idea into perspective for us:

You have to understand: Everything you say “YES” to in this life means saying “NO” to something else.

The decision to agree to that coffee meeting means saying no to an hour of reading. The decision to hop on this Zoom call means not hopping on the bike and getting some exercise in. The decision to stay up late to watch another episode of some mindless television show or scroll on your phone is saying no to a productive early morning....

Which of these will you get more out of? Which will produce the growth you seek? Which will you remember ten years, ten weeks, hell, ten days from now? You have to be able to say no. You have to be able to pick your shots. –Ryan Holiday

Can you imagine what your days will look like as you get better at passing on events, obligations and "opportunities" that don't really serve you? All of these things can quickly clutter up our lives, so put your autonomy to good use! Just remember, you can be polite and courteous while still protecting your time and energy.

#5: Delegate tasks when possible

From your work life to household admin, ask yourself: Is this my highest and best use? Is there someone else qualified to take it on? If so, it frees you up for those tasks that only *you* can do. (Remember: Once you delegate, step back! We've yet to meet someone who loves being called a micromanager.)

Everyday items like keys, sunglasses and a charging phone are organized neatly on the magnetic Distil Union Ferris ModStation

#6: Streamline your daily routine

Systemizing daily habits can save you time and make the mad-dash out the door less frenzied. Exhibit A: The Ferris System. Modular and magnetic, it keeps everything you need all in one convenient place, so you're ready to grab and go without wasting time hunting down your sunnies, keys, phone and other essentials. At Distil, we enjoy designing everyday objects with simple problem-solving twists – because freedom from mundane frustrations makes life extraordinary. 

Here's hoping these six ideas come in handy and spark even more ways you can bring intentionality to your days ahead. We wish you a wonderful, prosperous, mega-mindful 2024! 

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