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Article: Cord Management 101

Cord Management 101

Cord Management 101

If reducing wasted time, energy, and brain power is on your list of #lifegoals, take the time to invest in systems that take the hassle out of daily life. Today, we're tackling the necessary evil of cords and charging cables.

Quote "You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." -James Clear

No one likes feeling tied down — especially in a world where just about anything can be wireless. Still, since charging your devices is a fact of life (and even wireless chargers have cables), let’s untangle a few ways to manage cords in your workspace. With these simple tips, you can set yourself up to enjoy the efficiency of a decluttered desk and mind. 

Tip #1: Make your cords shorter

Longer length cords are more likely to get unruly, so keep them tight and tidy. While you can invest in cord wraps, reusing simple grocery-store twist ties also do the trick — and you can color code them to help distinguish which cords go with which device.

Tip #2: Tuck your cords away

Out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t have a desktop with a hidden power strip, you can add a cable-tray beneath your desk or find creative ways to tuck your plugs neatly away. Try stowing your power strip in a drawer or on a shelf, or use Command Strips to mount your power strip on the back or under your desk to clear your floor of cable clutter. Find yourself fussing with your MacBook charger specifically? Check out Stella and Blockhead for quick, effective improvements.

Tip #3: Create pathways

Hooks and clips like these CableDropscan come in handy to “guide” cables to where you want them to go, ensuring they have a clear path and stay right where you need them. You can try a zip-tie or even tape to secure cords in place. Pro Tip: Use color-matching to hide the evidence — like securing a white cable to your white desk leg with a white or clear zip-tie. Distil Union ModStation hangs on a wall with an iPhone and charging cable to help solve cord clutter

Tip #4: Mount it up

If you've got nearby wall space, go vertical! By giving your devices a place to stay other than your desktop, you instantly free up space and reduce clutter. Look to our Ferris ModStation, which has a cushy felt lining specifically designed to catch and hold your phone’s charging cable in place and ready to recharge while keeping your phone off your desk, too. 

Tip #5: Simplify your station

Ask yourself this: Do you really need cords for every device constantly plugged in at your desk? You already know the answer is no... so go ahead and disconnect any just-in-case cables and tuck them away for safe storage until they’re needed. You can organize them all in a tech pouch or reusable bags, or wrangle 'em with a write-on strap to ensure you never wonder, “what does this cord go to?” again.

Bonus Tip

When you have the opportunity to opt for wireless, be sure to grab some rechargeable batteries which are better for the environment than single-use batteries.

Armed with these tips, feel confident to go forth and control your cords. After all, life’s too short to be tied up in knots (yes, we had to fit in one last pun). Cord management is just the beginning of a more comfortable workspace — check out our 52 Ways to Simplify series to learn how to Declutter Your Space, and get more tips in Ergonomics 101.

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