The best just got better

Our new generation of wallets has everything you’ve been asking us for.

Easily see what’s inside

Where is that Costco card? Our wallets are all designed so you can flip through or fan out your cards to select the one you need the instant you need it.

No dropped cards

Leather stretches (it’s science), but Wally’s pockets are engineered so that all of your contents stay put securely. Even if you start carrying less.

Cash on lockdown

Three fuss-free ways to carry your paper money will have you thinking twice about using Venmo. Just kidding, Venmo still rules.

Experience the zippy Wally


Wally’s signature move is our pull-tab, the most fun you can have with a wallet. Pull the ribbon to reveal your cards, like a pop-up book for us grown-ups. For extra zip, Wally Bifold and Sleeve have tabs that retract on their own! Pull. Zip. Pull. Zip.

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Oh-so-satisfying pockets that

Snap Shut

Remember when you could snap your phone shut to hang up on a call? It’s that kind of satisfying. Wally’s hinged self-closing pocket keeps your cards securely inside despite leather’s tendency to stretch.

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Fan out, literally, with the

Big Band

When we introduced Wally Micro in 2015, the elastic wasn’t intended to hold cash — but people started doing it, so we’ve made it do that job better. Extra-wide elastic holds your bills securely. Because sometimes you do need actual cash.

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Swap out your stuff with


Carry a couple of keys or even a USB in the smartest wallet you’ll ever own. ModWallet is part of our new Ferris system — add and remove “mods” to perfectly suit your carry needs from day to day. Then slap it on the fridge so it doesn’t go missing ...

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