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Wally Micro

Sale price$49

Color:Black + Gray RFID

The go-to wallet for minimalists

Wally Micro is a slim card sleeve with a few tricks up its, well, sleeve. It’s surprisingly accommodating as a front-pocket wallet or business card holder, flexing to secure a varying stack of up to 10 cards revealed with our signature pull-tab.

So, what's the trick? Wally Micro is reversible. That's right—like Clark Kent ducking into a phone booth to remove his glasses, threading the tab through gets you two stylish colors in one card-carrying minimalist wallet.

Wally Micro
Wally Micro Sale price$49

The clown car of wallets

Wally Micro’s capacity will endlessly surprise you. The elastic band lets this credit-card sized carrier flex to accommodate up to 10 cards—and back again. The band also holds your folded bills. And 30 or so circus performers.


Access cards with our signature Wally Pull-Tab™. Take your cards out and thread the tab through to entirely reverse the wallet. Bam—evening wear.


We named this Wally wallet "Micro" for a reason. If you can't fit this is your front pocket, there's something wrong with your pants.


Actually, it does neither. But look how much stuff it holds! Up to ten treasured cards plus a few folded bills. Hasta la never, rubber-band wallet.

"If you're tired of the mainstream... Wally Micro brings a few more features to the table while weighing a whole lot less than the titanium sleeve wallets gaining popularity with the EDC crowd."

"This is the smallest wallet I have ever used, and I'm amazed how much it holds. It is tiny, but it serves as my wallet without a hint of compromise. This is a fully functioning wallet that lives up to its micro name."

"The Wally Micro is probably the best wallet I've seen so far for true minimalists."