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Wally Sleeve

Sale price$49

Color:Black with RFID

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Slim. Simple. Secure. 

True minimalists: we crafted Wally Sleeve to be your go-to wallet. MagLock™ stay-tight pockets have been updated—a subtle change that keeps Sleeve even thinner and more secure than ever before.

Our signature Wally Pull-Tab™ reveals your tucked-away cards, while the quick-access slot is perfect for an ID or tap-to-pay card. Stow folded bills inside or outside, it's up to you—life's complicated, but this wallet isn't. 

Wally Sleeve also functions as a small auxiliary wallet or sleek business card holder. This slim Sleeve gets the job done. Simply. 

All Wally Sleeves include RFID-Shielding
Wally Sleeve
Wally Sleeve Sale price$49

Finally, a sleeve wallet that stays slim + secure

If you've dropped or lost cards due to an overstretched wallet, a touch of engineering is all it takes: MagLock™ pockets keep your cards safe and secure–and the magnets don't interfere with your cards (we’d never do that to you or your plastic).


Step aside, fidget spinners—MagLock™ magnetic pockets secure your cards inside, then Wally Pull-Tab™ reveals 'em with a satisfying zzzzip.


Stretched leather wallet got you stressed out? Sleeve holds your cards securely in place, even if you start carrying less (isn't that the whole point of a minimalist wallet?)


Slim in size yet perfectly suited for all your essentials. It'll even hold a few non-essentials (like that receipt you'll throw away later).