When Should You Replace Your Essentials?

Have you ever grown accustomed to a squeaky fan, only to realize how quiet the room is once the squeaking has stopped? In the same way, you might not realize how much trouble a certain item is causing you until you feel relief after switching it up. You might be numb to the annoyances in your daily routine—so how do you know when it’s time to replace your everyday items? 

Ahead, we’re reviewing some of the red flags that let you know it’s time to upgrade. 

If it’s worn out.

Wear and tear is probably the most common indicator that it’s time to finally let go of the old and bring in the new. In some cases though, repairing what you have is worth it! Aside from needle and thread, our favorite fix-it material to have on hand is Sugru, a moldable, pliable glue that’s perfect for lending new life to worn-out cables and way more. We’re constantly inspired by their mission:

Instead of buying new stuff all the time, we at Sugru believe in using our imagination to fix, improve and reimagine the things we already have. If we can double the life of our stuff, we’ll halve what goes to landfill. –Sugru

Fixing is good! Be inspired by the Fixer’s Manifesto from SugruIf it no longer serves its purpose well.

Ripped wallets and stretched-out card holders are more than a bad fashion statement, they’re a liability! (That is, unless you just love the adrenaline rush of realizing your credit card must’ve fallen out somewhere back at the restaurant. In which case, may we suggest skydiving instead?) If you use an item every day, you likely have a specific need it’s fulfilling—and when it no longer fulfills that duty, it’s time to retire it. RIP ripped wallet.

Unfortunately, stretched-out card pockets are nearly inevitable with traditional leather wallets, which get bigger (and looser) over time as your card load grows and changes. When we designed our very first wallets, we went back to the billfold drawing board and came up with the Wally Bifold and Wally Sleeve. By removing the typical layers of leather that stretch over time, the result is a wallet that uses less material and is literally half as thick (back pockets, rejoice). For instant card access we employed a satisfyingly easy pull-tab, and not long after introduced FlexLock™ to keep cards secured inside, despite leather’s tendency to stretch. After years of perfecting the design thanks to thousands of real-world reviews and feedback, our Wally Bifold features MagLock™ pockets—it’s the most slim and secure leather wallet we can imagine. The ModWallet also has our pull-tab plus MagLock pockets, so you get easy access while knowing your contents are always secure and snug in place.

If it's costing you time and energy.

As we’ve talked about before, too much time is squandered due to bad design and misplaced items. Over the course of our lives, we’ll each spend ~5,000 hours searching for items that are missing—that’s more than six months! Find what slows you down in your daily routine, and upgrade. 

Time is our most valuable resource; if an item is costing you yours, consider alternatives. For example, think of all the things you could get done if you didn’t spend your mornings frantically searching the kitchen for your keys! Pro tip: The Ferris KeyLoop and ModStation solve that particular problem by giving your keys magnetic powers and a sleek, dedicated spot to stay. From keyrings to car troubles, it’s worth weighing the real value of your time and energy compared to the cost of replacing something in your life.

If a better option is now available to you.

If your whatchamacallit just broke and you’re in the market for a replacement, there’s likely an updated option out there. A better design can make life more enjoyable and less hassled—and life is short, after all—might as well welcome smooth sailing where you can! 

What do we mean by better design? Well, just like how you know when your old lightbulbs go dark to grab an energy-efficient (and electric-bill slimming) LED bulb, your everyday essentials may have evolved since the last time you shopped around. Take our MagLock™ sunglasses for example. They have magnets embedded in the temples so you can easily clip them to the front of your shirt without them falling off like most sunnies frustratingly do (because gravity). Plus, they stick to your fridge or other magnetic surface, so you always know where they are! Not only are you less likely to lose or misplace your MagLocks, the classic styles made with high-performance materials are built to outlast all those cheapies you’d otherwise be tempted to buy — and that helps keep junk out of landfills, making life for everyone just a little brighter.

Distil MagLock Sunglasses are designed to outlast most sunglasses

A few notes from us:

Sure, we think our products are nice to have, but believe it or not, we don’t want you to just smash that buy button. That level of passive consumerism is bad for both the planet and your bank account—and likely doesn’t solve the real issue: You need an item that serves a specific purpose, that actually works the way you want it to, and that you enjoy using every time. 

Solving everyday frustrations is what Distil is all about, so when the time comes that you do need a new wallet, key chain, or sunglasses: we've got your back. And from eco-certified tanneries to plastic-free packaging, we make mindful decisions to be good stewards of our planet. As members of 1% for the Planet, we donate annually to non-profits who are making a difference in countless ways. Learn more about our efforts here, and find out what you can do to raise your own eco-consciousness here

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