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Article: New Year, Better Habits.

A man hiking in cold weather wearing Distil Union's MagLock polarized sunglasses

New Year, Better Habits.

Last new year, our resolution was to ignite intentionality by becoming more mindful and purposeful with our time, attention and energy. Some things stuck, and some didn't... So this year, we're focusing in our habits; specifically, creating good habits. Start the new year with us here for some ways to foster better habits in 2024.

Quote on a photo of the Wally Sleeve wallet says "Make it so easy you can't say no." from Leo Babauta

TIP 1: Be intentional

No need to jump on any bandwagon. Just because The Internet has dubbed something essential, doesn’t mean it will serve you well. Before you kick-start a new thing, take some time to reflect and identify your areas for growth. Just like how we encourage conscious consumption, the same applies to conscious action: You’re more likely to stick with habits that make sense for your life—not someone else’s.

TIP 2: Reduce friction

The answer to better habits seems to lie in consistency. How do you achieve consistency? Reduce the friction. Create tiny, bite-sized goals that prove, “Hey actually, I CAN do this.” If you currently average reading two books a year, don’t jump into an unrealistic goal of two per week. Start with one chapter per day. And then do it the next day. (And the next.) You’ll gain momentum—and gain the confidence that comes with achieving small goals.

TIP 3: Make it routine

If a habit becomes ingrained in your daily routine, it becomes easier and easier to put on autopilot—the best way to guarantee something gets done. It's called habit stacking, and it's one of our go-to life hacks. Is your goal to drink three liters of water per day? Keep a water bottle by your computer and finish it while you check emails every morning (and noon, and night). By stacking the habit, you’ll knock out two tasks and ensure you won’t forget.

Wally Junior MagSafe compatible leather card holder wallet for iPhone and Android by Distil Union

You already know this, but we swear by a simplified daily routine—click through for a year's worth of tips n' tricks from the team. We're also all about having the right tools for the job. If you're going to stack habits, be sure the benefits accumulate as you build. Take Wally Junior for example: It's a leather card holder (minimalists get to call it their wallet) that literally stacks on your iPhone or any MagSafe-compatible case or phone, including Android. 

A wall-mounted magnetic, modular organization station and leather accessories of the Ferris ModStation by Distil Union

The Ferris System we created from scratch is a great example of reducing friction: it's a modular, magnetic everyday-carry collection designed to mount on your wall, streamlining your out-the-door routine. Your keys, wallet, sunglasses, and fully charged phone—all lined up and ready to go in the morning. And of course, our line of original slim leather wallets with Distil's trademarked mechanisms like Wally Pull-Tab, MagLock, and a custom stainless-steel money clip unlike any wallet out there—two Distil touches that solve pain-points that the other guys haven't even thought to tackle. That's what we're here for!

A man stands outside in a snowy forest wearing flexible, polarized and magnetic MagLock Sunglasses by Distil Union

Do you have an everyday problem you'd like us to hack? Got any habit-hacking methods that work for you? We'd love to hear it all—drop 'em in our DMs at @distilunion.

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