Innovation for Fools

When we need a good excuse to shake up our creativity, there's nothing better than a good April Fool's prank product!

For two years, Nate and Lindsay have taken just 12 hours to come up with an idea, fabricate the product, and build entire webpages to launch products as though they were real on this special day.

Our first was RunniPad – an absurd way to run with your iPad strapped to your arm:

It was awkward, bulky, and terribly uncomfortable to run with – which is exactly why we had such a good time running around Charleston, snapping photos and capturing footage for a video (good news: it's more outtakes than actual video)...  

Next up was something we actually kinda want to exist – WallyRoos, the sneakers with a pull-tab pocket:

Did you have a pair of Roos as a kid? We sure did – Lindsay's were an icy periwinkle blue. Nate's were red. Keep a key, a quarter, a game token, or... well, that's about all you could fit in that tiny pocket, and it was hard to dig out. What if we added our handy Wally Pull-Tab to a pair?!

So we did, and announced our partnership with Roos Shoes (secretly hoping they'd notice us and propose an actual partnership; this did not happen). It was a great excuse to get out of the office, run around Charleston again, and play some video games at The Alley. And now Nate and Lindsay have the only pairs of WallyRoos in existence. 

If you're in Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge Run on April Fool's this year, give us a shout if you'd like to take your run up a notch with a RunniPad and WallyRoos! John Oliver, we know you're not into our hijinks. Anyone else? Anyone?