Feature Friday | Wally Ether Hands-On Review with Mac Sources

"It’s got an incredible way to make you feel like there is hardly a case on your iPhone at all." –Nicholas, Mac Sources

Apple-centric blog Mac Sources got their hands on our recently launched Wally Ether for iPhone 7. They agree that Wally Ether is perfect for those iPhone users that enjoy its inherently slim profile, but also love the convenience of carrying your cards and a few bills on your phone instead of in a wallet (or even a typical wallet case).

For anti-case author Nicholas Calderone, Ether is light and thin enough to satisfy the need for a nearly weightless device.

"Distil Union created this case so that you can still have the best iPhone experience without a wallet case getting in the way. This case was made for people like me who don’t want a bulky overstated case on their phone, but still, want the convenience that a wallet case brings." –Nicholas Calderone

Our slim, understated Ether with stylish leather fits the minimalist bill. Thanks for the helpful review and pics, Mac Sources!

Photos: Mac Sources