Feature Friday | Insider Picks' 14 Spring Essentials for Guys

Nike, Incase, Theory - oh my! Wally Bifold is in good company in the latest roundup from Business Insider's Picks:

Distil Union's wallet can fit all your cards and cash while still being half the size of a standard wallet.

Yes sir, that's Bifold in a nutshell – let's add a dash of class with hand-rolled edges, and a touch of innovation with FlexLock. Get your wardrobe ready for Spring and grab a Wally Bifold on Amazon, here on our website, or even a hot new third option: From distilunion.com with the new Amazon Pay button. It's a purchase straight from us, but with all your details auto-filled for insanely easy checkout. Try it and see if your head doesn't spin! Then (the best part) enjoy your slim new wallet just in time for Spring.