Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in April

UrbanX Electric Bike

UrbanX | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike in 60 Seconds Zoom at speeds up to 20mph on your ole bike. UrbanX replaces your front wheel with a motor. Just make sure you wear a helmet!


Skycamp on Kickstarter

Skycamp: The Perfect Roof Top Tent for Travelers on the Road iKampersusa Inc. wants to change the way you camp. Fully funded on Kickstarter, these car-top tents are now available for pre-order.



Goodnewspaper - A printed newspaper full of good news We think everybody could use a little more good news. Fully funded on a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Goodnewspaper is now available for preorder.


Minimalist Apple Accessories

Minimalist Apple Accessories, Directly from the Craftsmen Simple, clean designs for your desk or your digital nomad adventures. These are DU Approved. 

Element Blocks on Kickstarter

Element Blocks - Periodic Elements You Can Touch As product designers, we have binders and boxes full of samples and swatches – from LEDs and plastics to leather, silicone, felt and other fabrics… This is an elegant way to geek out about materials right on your desk.