Help Dad Simplify His Life

Father's Day Gifts to Help Dad Simplify His Life

We love him, dad jokes and all. And maybe, endearingly, we roll our eyes whenever he reaches into his pocket and pulls out that busted wallet over-stuffed with loyalty cards, crinkled receipts, and stray coins. Either that, or he carries his basics in what he calls his "fancy rubber wallet" (aka that rubber band from the broccoli)...

This Father's Day, you're searching for a little something cool to class up that rubber band, or something sleek to simplify that wad-of-a-wallet. Well, what else do you get the man who has everything– stuffed into his pockets– but a new, slim wallet! We've rounded up our top picks, there's one for every type of Dad out there.

Our Top Problem-Solving Presents for Pop – Which Kind of Guy is Your Dad?

He's never caught without cash. Thank goodness. Wally Bifold, a super slim wallet with an adjustable money clip is the perfect choice. Wally Bifold also features our trademarked Wally Pull-Tab™ design that eliminates layers of needless bulk. Beyond simplification, he'll thank you when his back-pain clears up after carrying a slim wallet that's front-pocket friendly. 

He's a rubber-band wallet offender, or charismatic networker constantly making new connections. Introduce him to Wally Micro, our smallest card carrier for the minimal-wallet enthusiast. As a slim sleeve measuring the mere dimensions of a credit card, Micro is great for toting the essentials or a stack of business cards.

You've heard Wait, where's my wallet? one too many times... "Phone, keys, wallet" is the phrase that everyone mutters to themselves before leaving the house. Wally Case helps shorten this by conveniently adding a hidden wallet to the back of your phone. Give Dad peace of mind and a little extra time leaving the house now that he only has to remember "phone and keys."

Pockets sorted? Help Dad simplify his desk with Stanley Stand. Stanley is our newly released flexible phone and mini-tablet stand that adjusts to any angle – and looks stately with its merino wool and Italian leather exterior. Having designated spots for gadgets on a desk helps keep it tidy – something any Dad can appreciate.