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Feature Friday: Micro is one of the Slimmest

wally micro before and after from distil union

Business Insider is all too familiar with the magic of slimming your wallet. It takes a little prioritizing and organizing on your part, but that's just the first step. A wallet thoughtfully designed for front-pocket-worthy slimness is the final step. Writer Tyler Lauletta has picked the 9 slimmest wallets on the market, and our very own Wally Micro made the cut. 

"...I’ve made a switch to slim wallets, and I am never going back.

They’re great for me, because they fit perfectly my front pocket and allow enough room for my most important cards, a bit of cash, and not much else. I no longer have business cards from restaurants I’ll never visit again mingling in my pockets with the piece of plastic that literally holds my entire net worth." –Tyler Lauletta

Helping you carry less is our mission. We do our best to choose the most durable, yet thin materials, and create designs that provide just the essentials. No wonder Micro is on the list!