Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in October 2016

fend collapsable helmet on kickstarter

FEND | The Collapsible Bicycle Helmet  Tired of lugging your helmet around with you when you bike to the coffee shop, or a meeting, or the bar? Fend folds up to 1/3 of its original size for easy stowage when not in use. 


ding smart door bell

Ding | A Beautifully Simple, Smart Doorbell You'll never miss a front door visitor again with Ding. Talk to the delivery person or guests via the app. 


que collapsable water bottle on kickstarter

que | The Fashionable and Collapsible Travel Bottle The most clever use of silicone, perhaps ever, que has figured out how to make a collapsible water bottle that's sturdy and beautiful.  

polygons foldable measuring spoon on kickstarter

Polygons | A Foldable Measuring Spoon Now this is a campaign we had to back! You only need one slim piece of plastic for all of your measuring spoon needs, both dry and liquid. And it only takes up a fraction of drawer space compared to your run-of-the-mill measuring spoons.


Standard Products 3D printable furniture jointsStandard Products | Digitally Crafted Furniture Do you have a 3D printer? Yes? Then let Standard Products help you print your own furniture joints at home that make assembling simple pieces like wood boards and dowels into fully fledged cabinets and stools. This is the future!