Feature Friday | Insider Pick at Business Insider

Wally's on the inside, you guys!! On Business Insider that is – and twice in the last month! So it's only fitting that this Friday, we feature Wally Bifold's double-feature in Business Insider.

First, he appeared in May as part of a round-up of "24 Dapper Wallets to Polish Off Your Outfit" – where rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shinola and Jack Spade was flattering to say the least. Then earlier list week, Wally broke out on his own to shine in the limelight –

Distil Union is the company behind what may very well be the slimmest, most practical wallet on the market. Its Wally Bifold design is part wallet, part money clip, and all sorts of functional for your day-to-day. Business Insider

WOW, what a headline! Usually we're not into hyperbole, but.... The most practical wallet you'll ever use. We couldn't agree more, and we're beyond proud of Wally – and seriously, what are those 24,545 little tiny fires?!

When we shared this good news on Facebook, Paul Miller chimed in "Absolutely love this wallet!" and Stuart Bain shared his "BEST WALLET I have ever owned" review on Amazon. It's these personal shout-outs that mean so much more than we can say, which is why Lindsay responded thusly....

Truly, it has been a brilliant week – in the headlines and in our hearts. Thanks, y'all!