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Article: Distil Union's June Instagram Highlights

Distil Union's June Instagram Highlights

+ The month of June on the DU instagram started off with a bang -- literally! At the annual Spoleto Finale, the fireworks and St. Paul and the Broken Bones (from Nate's home state of Alabama!) did not disappoint.

+ We shared a sneak-peek of Nate working on rough mockups of our next next product, and we asked for any guesses as to what it might be.. a duct-tape or RFID-blocking Wally wallet? Or is it even Wally related??... 

+ Got our Pebble Time in the mail – first thoughts: Love the color e-paper display and its size (i.e. smaller and lighter than Apple Watch), though not sure we'll use all that many apps... we'll share our thoughts here on The Distillery after we spend some time passing it around the studio for testing!

+ Brian was the first to receive the much-anticipated Coin! Setting up this digital credit card was a breeze, as Pemba the studio cat looks on in envy (you see, cats don't carry wallets, and Coin + Wally is a match made in minimalist wallet heaven). Look for a blog post soon about our experience with Coin, part of The Future of Your Wallet.

+ Recently, Nate and Lindsay landed in Tulum, Mexico for a week of work outside the office – we're calling it a workcation! Just up the road is the spot where TEDxTulum was held a few months ago. So cool to see these big bold TED letters in the middle of a beach jungle paradise!

+ I spy a #WallyintheWild – Lindsay's Wally Stick-On is made for traveling light, with just a card and some folded pesos for a morning snack at the cafe up the road. Glad Nate brought his Wally Euro, too, for receipts and loose change – tasty pastor tacos in town at Antojitos La Chiapaneca for just 7 pesos! It doesn't get any better than loose-change tacos... Adios for now!

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