DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in June

FOR SAFETY: Ding Bike Light 
A bike light that also illuminates the cyclist – this is literally brilliant! Called Ding, this Kickstarter can have all our money. Or at least enough for three Dings.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable
That moment you wish you hadn't seen a Kickstarter because you've gotta have it but it's on the pricey side...

FOR SPACE: LightSail
When Bill Nye says back a Kickstarter, we back the Kickstarter.... Plus, we really enjoyed the LightSail crowd-funding video because it's just so nostalgic and awesome watching Bill Nye explain stuff!

FOR FOOD: Lilo Planter
Who wouldn't want fresh herbs, all year round, at your fingertips in the adorable little Lilo. They more than doubled their goal – now Brian just has to decide which capsules he wants.  

FOR FUN: Cat Greeting Cards
Q: How can you resist these cards featuring tubby Pusheen-like cats by a guy named Mark?
A: You cannot.

And last but not least, we just have to mention: Lindsay just filled out the shipping survey for our Zero Waste cap that we mentioned in our last Kickstarter roundup – can't wait to easily access the bottom third of that lotion bottle!