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Sale price$89

Color:Black with RFID

Made for the unapologetic maximalist

OK, so you've told minimalist wallets that they can go stuff it; you need a wallet that will store it all. With ZipWallet's coin pouch, three generous card slots, double gusset and YKK zipper to compress and secure the load, there's plenty of room for cards, cash, coins, receipts, an Apple AirTag—just about anything usually stuffed into your pockets. 

ZipWallet is the sleek way to carry all the things your old wallet couldn't carry. Features an external card slot for quick access to your tap-to-go, NFC and transit cards.

All ZipWallets include RFID-Shielding
ZipWallet Sale price$89

Carry a lot, a little, and anything in between

Stuff it up, zip it up, go about your business: Cards, cash, coins, AirTag, AirPods, a key, USB thingy, chapstick—you name it, as long as it fits (and a lot will fit, is what we're saying). How it stays so slim, we'll never tell (it's the double-gusset design).


This is the Mary Poppins of wallets. G'head and throw in tuppence, bird seed, and definitely tag us if you manage to squeeze in an umbrella.