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Wally Stick-On

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Wally Stick-On will be discontinued. Grab what you can before this classic goes into retirement.

Always have 3 cards close at hand — and out of sight

Wally is the original iPhone wallet reinvention: a slim, stick-on solution that achieved 753% of the goal on Kickstarter. It’s the most minimal and discreet iPhone wallet you can imagine. And yep, it also works with cases.

iphone x/xs wally stick-on made of black leather with black pull-tab withdrawing cards
Wally Stick-On Sale price$29 Regular price$40

The secret wallet hack for your iPhone

It's the most minimal and discreet iPhone wallet you can imagine. And yep, it also works with cases.

Wally Stick-On is different from every wallet case on the planet. First: He's not a case, just a single piece of leather. Second: There's no sign of cards, so you'll never look like you're talking on your wallet.

Convenience is having your 3 must-have cards hidden in plain sight on your must-have phone (it's science).

Wally's unique 3M repositionable adhesive sticks like white on rice—allowing you to securely stick (and restick) to your iPhone or case without any worries of residue.

"It really simplifies my EDC. At first glance, the Wally looks like nothing more than a protective leather cover for the back of your phone. A quick pull of the ribbon tab pushes the Wally's contents up... It's a surprisingly satisfying experience coming from such a simple mechanism

"While there are lots of wallet-style options on the market, Wally Case and Wally Stick-On stand out as two of the most slim and refined ways to protect your iPhone and discreetly carry your wallet essentials."

"Wally is my new best friend. He can carry some of my credit cards and a driver's license, perfect for those days when I just don't want to use my Costanza Wallet to prop up my right butt cheek."

"The Wally is designed for the minimalist professional or someone who likes good design. The Wally can also attach to the back of your existing iPhone case, so long as it has a smooth surface."