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ModWallet Cover

Sale price$69

Color:Black Leather

A wallet that adapts to your needs

The smartest wallet you’ll ever own goes beyond cards and cash– letting you customize like crazy with modular MagLock add-ons.

Now with pull-tabs, deep squeeze-to-open card pockets, and a lay-flat design, the latest and greatest ModWallet holds even more securely with even less bulk.

Select your favorite full-grain leather cover, then construct to suit your contents with a MoneyClip (or more if you carry multiple currencies), a CardSleeve (if you need more than 14 cards), or a KeyMod or MultiTool. No tools required. And it’s still slim enough to fit in your front pocket.

ModWallet Cover
ModWallet Cover Sale price$69

Carry what you want on a Wednesday

From covers to contents, ModWallet's modules give you incredible powers of customization. We invented MagLock (our patent-pending magnetic locking mechanism) to achieve the perfect balance of security and accessibility.

The next-generation ModWallet is here

We've updated our ultra-versatile ModWallet to consolidate your carry in a snap (literally) with more capacity and less bulk.

(Re)construct your perfect wallet

Secure MagLock™ modules let you easily add, remove and reorder essentials on a whim - no tools required.

Magnets make everything better

Store on the Ferris ModStation, fridge or any magnetic surface so you're less likely to lose your wallet (and more likely to look like you've got your life together).

Snap-shut closure

Deeper MagLock™ squeeze-to-open pockets hold in cards and keep your modWallet snapped shut. Click!

So long, lumpy pockets

Only carry one or two keys? Grab a set of KeyMods and carry them right in your ModWallet for one sleek and consolidated carry #lifehack

"The ModWallet leverages MagLock technology to replace your existing card and cash holder, and it can also hold keys."

"The ModWallet holds up to 10 cards and a clip for cash. It can also be used to hold your keys, if you want to consolidate items."

"BEST NEW GEAR: The system uses MagLock, a magnetic locking mechanism, so you have gear security along with quick access."