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KeyMod Clicks

Sale price$12

Color:2 Pack - Blues

KeyMods are like a life-hack for your keys, adapting your key in a *click* to work with any Ferris cover. Insert your key at an angle between the tabs, then rotate and push till it clicks. Your key is now Ferris-ready.

In your pocket, your bag or dropped on the ground–they’ll stay snapped together. The patent-pending MagLock nesting magnets let your securely snapped keys rotate freely.  

Sold in sets of 2 with different colored edges, use these guys to build yourself a tidy color-coded key system.

two attached keymod clicks with grey lining holding keys on a white backdrop
KeyMod Clicks Sale price$12

Customize and organize your everyday carry

Ferris is the modern way to carry your cards, cash and keys. With modular MagLock snaps and a full range of accessories to choose from, you'll be able to build the perfect system to suit your needs from day to day.

Easy on and off

Inspired by Japanese stationery clips, the custom-made spring steel secures your key with a simple twist and click.

Magnets make it better

Pair your KeyMod Sticks with any Ferris system cover or carry them on their own, adding the magical convenience of a magnet to your key.

Patent-pending parts

Constructed with our N52 neodymium-magnet snap called MagLock, surrounded by incredibly durable TPU-backed nylon.