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Roll out of bed. Put on hat. Hop on Zoom call.

Shield yourself against the sun's rays (or at least be ready in a flash for a Zoom call while you look longingly out the window). Pick your snap-back poison: The Richardson 112 Curved Bill, or the Richardson 255 Flat BillThey're subtly embroidered with the Distil logo because that's just the way we like it. 

Distil embroidered hat in gray and black
Hats Sale price$24 Regular price$30

You'll want to wear it even when it's overcast.

Polarized sunglasses and a tried-and-true hat have become our go-to out-the-door items, no matter the weather. Could be a healthy habit, could be a borderline obsession with Distil gear; yeah, we’re gonna go with healthy habit on this one.