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Essential Set

$65 $79

For when the bare minimum is just right

If you've ever gotten to the register only to realize your wallet's elsewhere... you're not alone, my friend. With your 4 favorite cards connected right to your iPhone, you'll never be caught without the necessities. Access them easily with Wally's signature pull-tab, and enjoy having one less thing to remember.

As for your other must-have when you head out (we're talking keys), use a tidy stack of KeyMods to easily carry, share, and swap 'em out – no tools required. The MagLock™ nesting magnets connect with a secure snap, while fobs fit on the FobRing (see what we did there?).

In this discounted set, you’ll get our best-selling Wally Junior +MagSafe plus the itty bitty mighty tiny KeyMod Mini:

  • Wally Junior +MagSafe
    Black eco-certified leather
    Works with iPhone 12/13/14
    Note: Case not included
  • KeyMod Mini
    4 color-coded KeyMods
    1 KeyMod FobRing

$79 Value. Bundles are not eligible for further discounts.

Four cards for the win

Who among us doesn't dream of being able to lug around less every day? But let's be real: we aren't gonna stop carrying our iPhones any time soon – which is why Wally Junior is perfect: Up to 4 cards, carried securely on your MagSafe device (with our signature Wally Pull-Tab for quick card access).


Turn your average keyring into a magnetic marvel

A piano has 88 keys, but you can probably get away with carrying 5 or less. That's where KeyMod Mini comes in: MagLock power plus a FobRing for your car key. What's fun is putting the keys you don't need on your fridge for safe keeping, and only carrying what you need for the day.


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