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ModWallet Kit

You're in control.

Build your perfect wallet

Why Ferris ModWallet Kit?

Add, remove, and reorganize modules on a whim—no tools required—for a wallet that adapts to your daily carry needs. Now with Wally Pull-Tabs™ for card access, ModWallet features functional modules with MagLock™ nesting magnets that connect with a secure snap


"I normally pocket a standard wallet for use, or alternatively, use a minimal "skinny" wallet that can hold my license plus a few cards. I have even at times used a separate money clip since I hate to have bulk in my pockets. the Mod Wallet is one of the most innovative wallet products I have come across in a long time. It handles all of the above, yet remains slim. Now you hear this claim all the time from wallet manufacturers, but in this case it's true. It also allows you to split your stuff into business and personal cards, and take just the "side" you need. The wallet is slightly longer than a conventional wallet (to accommodate the magnets I suppose), but much shorter than my iPhone so no problems there. Really unique product which exceeded my expectations." - Jonathan G.


"As an engineer, I always try to make my designs configurable so that they will appeal to a wide cross section of people. This sometimes comes at the risk of creating something that has mass appeal but is not really best in class in every aspect. The Mod Wallet Kit is not only configurable, but it is also a high quality product that does not sacrifice form for function or vise versa. Everything I need to carry fits effortlessly with room to spare. The modular aspect is quite unique and what caught my eye (even if I never add modules, it's still a great concept)... Overall, great wallet and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a minimalist wallet to carry in your front pocket (or wherever you choose)." - Greg P.


"The mod-wallet concept really works. It's absolutely the best pocket wallet, or wallet, I've ever owned. Everything, from credit cards to cash, are securely contained with very limited bulk by any measure. Purchased more for gifts. Try one, you won't be disappointed." - Bert C.


"Great idea for a wallet! You can get super creative with organization and everyone performs well. Once you get used to it, it makes you look like you spend money for a living. Smooth!" - Dennis M.


"Sometimes I just stare at it. The leather has a luxuriously soft feel and I've narrowed the wallet down to just the necessities. It's so slim, I sometimes have to check that it's still in my pocket. The versatility it offers makes it easy to keep it slim by bringing only what you need. I can't recommend it enough!" - Joel N.

Includes the essentials:

Leather pull-tab covers, MoneyClip + KeyMod

Innovative MagLock™ nesting magnets combine everything securely together

Ferris System Compatible

Capacity to hold up to 14 cards + 30 bills