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Hard to lose. Easy to love.

From the high seas to the concrete jungle, these shades are built to stick with you.

As weekend warriors (and occasional commuters), we created our original line of comfortable, durable sunglasses with built-in magnets–because we believe that #GoodDesignIsGoodForYou

1. Built-In Magnets

Hidden MagLock® magnets securely clip onto your shirt, locker, fridge, ModStation—anything magnetic.

2. All-Day Comfort

No pinching. No slipping. The ultra-light frames flex to fit—plus polarized lenses to cut glare and ease eye strain.

Built To Last

Our exclusive, ultra-durable Gnarlon™ frames made with bio-based Pebax® Rnew™ are built to last through years of sunny days.

"My favorite feature is how they're basically indestructible. Bonus points for the polarized lenses."

"UNBREAKABLE UNSHAKEABLE SUNGLASSES FROM THE FUTURE. The MagLock Sunglasses are sunglasses like you've never seen them before. Built with two powerful permanent Neodymium magnets, these shades can be snapped to your clothing securely enough to even sit on a roller-coaster without having them flying off."

"I was surprised by how light they were. I've found these sunglasses to be really comfortable and functional. After using them regularly, it'd be a letdown to go back to other sunglasses.

"I'm in love with my pair of Follys. There is something classic and Wayfarer-ish about them, but they are more affordable than Ray-Ban."

"Distil Union incorporates some innovative solutions to make the MagLock Maverick Sunglasses cross the 'nice to have' line over to the 'must have' side."


Accidents happen. If you lose your MagLock® shades or break the frames, just let us know–we'll replace 'em for just half the price.


Folly: The Fan Favorite

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Magnetic Distil Union Folly MagLock sunglasses in a black wayfarer design and polarized lens on a white backdropFolly Sunglasses
Folly Sunglasses Sale price$69
Magnetic Distil Union Folly MagLock sunglasses in a black wayfarer design and polarized lens on a white backdropFolly Sunglasses
Folly Sunglasses Sale price$69
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How it started.

It all started when Nate, our co-founder, went to a football game and lost the most expensive pair of sunglasses he'd ever owned. They were hanging from his t-shirt collar, like they always did–but this time they fell off and were lost. Forever.

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How it's going.

Magic? Nah, it's magnets! Beyond clipping securely to your shirt, magnets make MagLock® sunglasses easy to keep up with—on your fridge, locker, the light switch... wherever's convenient in the moment. Not losing your glasses? Now that's magic.

Now Available in Titanium


"I SO dig these shades. I regularly hang them from my collar, and have scratched many pair from them dangling and falling off. Not these. They're light, the magnetic temples impressive, and they feel secure on my face. Would buy again, and recommend." –Jason L.


"I love the way the glasses incorporate magnets. Very clever. They are extremely light and look durable. The case that they came in folds flat, so I don't have to be without a hard case ever. I loved that idea."–Sagar K.


"I typically treat sunglasses as disposable, but my love for these Ospreys know no bounds. They are the lightest and most comfortable pair I have put on my face, and I can't tell you how often I clip them onto my shirt and exclaim "it really does work!" like I'm in a commercial."–Meg R.


"Very happy with my new MagLock sunglasses. The Folly style is a Classic, has quality lenses that are also polarized, and is lightweight so it's easy to wear. There's more...the added benefit is in the magnets. Try for yourself! You will not lose these." –Josh


"My experience with these sunglasses has been great. They are comfortable to wear for long periods (driving, etc.) and easy to carry on a shirt or otherwise stick to any metal surface. I wasn't expecting to love the magnetic arms so much, but it's really convenient. I'm sure I will be buying another pair of these in a different color." –Brittany G.

With polarized, scratch-resistant lenses and built-in neodymium magnets, MagLock® sunnies stay secure on your shirt and instantly attach to anything magnetic—so you can stop worrying about dropping or losing your shades.