Wonder Woman + Wally = BFFs (OMG)

It just came to our attention that the one and only Gal Gadot is a fan of Wally. The Wonder Woman actress was spotted at JFK (on her way to begin SNL rehearsals) carrying a Wally Case in Rust Red leather – our practical card-carrying case in a pop of color that matches her comfy sweatshirt. 

So, whaddya know about Gal Gadot that makes us proud she carries Wally Cases?

1. She has a lot of fanGals (and guys) because she's effortlessly stylish. We agree with HelloGiggles that this outfit should be your new weekend wardrobe staple:

This photo was snapped at Jen Klein's annual "Day of Pampering" – meaning that Wally was in Gal's hands and potentially rubbed elbows with some of our favorite actresses like Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Mann. The fact that Wonder Woman actually uses our product in her daily life, even to a swanky pampering party, has us in a puddle of absolute awe. 

2. She's a stunner. In shades. In suits (you know what we mean). And in simple skirts on a stroll in her native Israel:

3. She prioritizes comfort and doesn't have to wear heels to hold her head high. You go, Gal!

Gal Gadot with Wally in NYC


And to think that these photos might have never come to our attention! We have two people to thank for not letting us miss the chance to be star struck: Cheers to the curious Redditor who asked: "What case is this?" and shout-out to our friend Vince for tweeting us the news.

Please excuse us as we soar into the weekend knowing that Wally is Wonder Woman's wing man. We tuned into SNL last night just in case our Case made a cameo... regardless, she crushed it! We may never get over this news, but for now, our #HumbleBrag is complete.