Product Testing: MagLock Sunglasses vs. Roller Coasters

To test our gravity-defying MagLock Sunglasses, what could be better than gravity-defying amusement rides?

Carowinds Test

When our first prototypes of MagLock Sunglasses arrived in the mail, we had to test them out ASAP. Always happy for an excuse to take a road trip, we packed up the car and headed to Carowinds!

First up was Slingshot, one of the park's tallest and arguably most terrifying rides. Nate and Lindsay stepped right up to brave the giant bungee ride that shot them 27 stories up at 62 mph, all while MagLock Sunglasses were clipped to their shirts. Even at these high speeds and multiple 360º rotations, the glasses stayed securely in place. Slingshot test: Passed.

Fury 325

Then, the fearless DU crew then tested four pairs of MagLocks all at once on the Fury 325, which is the country's tallest, fastest giga coaster. We reached speeds of 95 mph and were lashed around for three whole minutes. Once again, our magnetic sunglasses passed the test.

One of the handiest features of our durable, magnetic sunglasses is that you always have a convenient place to store your shades.

Not only did we test MagLock's ability to stay securely in place while being tossed around at ridiculous speeds and dropped from insane heights, but we tried to answer the question: "Will it MagLock?" 

Refrigerator? Yes.
Light switch? Yes.
Rearview mirror in your car? Yes.
Old Chevy now being used as a prop in front of classic-diner-themed eatery? Yes.


We commemorated our trip with commissioned artwork from an artiste en résidence– airbrushed tees that read "distil" in a sunset font, with MagLock scripted on the back. C'est magnifique. 

So what's the point of all this craziness if most people don't find themselves at amusement parks on a regular basis? Well, if you've ever dropped or misplaced a pair of sunglasses just livin' life, we made our unbreakable, unshakeable MagLock Sunglasses to solve this problem and make your everyday life a little better. 

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