Why E-Gift Cards are the Way to Go This Year

It's a simple fact of gift-giving: Everyone loves a gift card. 

However, while gift cards have the major benefit of allowing your recipient to get something they definitely want, there are a few downsides. Consider these scenarios: 

  1. You receive a gift card to your favorite store — so exciting! One day, you're out shopping at said store and find the perfect item to buy with your card...only to discover you've left it at home. Womp womp. 

  2. You make a plan to spend your gift card...only to realize you can't find it anywhere. Did it get thrown out with the wrapping paper trash? Did you stash it in a drawer only to forget where you put it? You may never know. 

  3. You put your new gift card in your wallet to make sure you don't lose it and will always have it with you when you need it. But now your wallet is extra bulky and doesn't sit right in your pocket. So you decide to take it out...only to risk one of the first two scenarios happening. 

But, look — we're not here to dissuade you from gift cards. Gift cards are great! Instead, we're here to make the argument for e-gift cards. 

While you may have issues finding e-gift cards for smaller, local stores without an online presence, most companies with an online purchasing option also have an option for e-gift cards. When you send someone an e-gift card, it's delivered and stored directly into their email, so they will always have access to it when they need it. 

With e-gift cards, you won't have to worry that your gift will go lost or forgotten. Your recipient can easily choose what to spend their gift card on from the safety of their own home, on their own time. Plus, even better, you can take care of your holiday shopping all from your computer. You'll save time, their wallet will stay slim and, quite simply, everyone wins. 

So, join us on Team E-Gift Cards. Let's make it a movement this holiday season. 

Looking for ideas of e-gift cards to send? Give the gift of a streamlined life. 




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