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Article: Team EDC: Lindsay's Everyday Carry

Team EDC: Lindsay's Everyday Carry

Team EDC: Lindsay's Everyday Carry

DU Team Pocket Dumps: Lindsay's Everyday Carry

Lindsay's Everyday Carry

Distil Union's Co-Founder and Creative Director Lindsay Windham shares the colorful items she carries everyday in today's DU Team Pocket Dump.

  • Sunglasses from American Apparel I recently had LASIK so I'm all about protecting my laser-eyes from UV rays. 
  • Packable Tote by Baggu x MCMC My New Year's Resolution is not to use disposable bags. I have five different Baggu bags so I'm never without one.
  • Bike Bell by Nello We stock these in Objective Design Shop, and I love when someone hits it – it cycles through three different sounds that make me giggle every time...
  • MStick LED light One of my favorite Kickstarter projects to date, this neat gadget has an app and a bike mount, so it's practical and pretty. 
  • Mociun #1 travel fragrance by MCMC I roll some on to instantly feel dressed up.
  • Rose Lip Balm by MUJI I am addicted to chapstick. I am not proud.
  • Cheeks and Lips by URB Apothecary This is the most makeup I use; I like to keep it simple. Plus it smells like roses.
  • Sunforgettable SPF50 by ColoreScience The best daily sun protection for sweaty bike rides – tested and approved in our sweltering Charleston summers!
  • Silicone Case for iPhone 6 by Apple I don't use cases typically, but Apple got me with this minty green color... 
  • Wally Junior by Distil Union I love being able to grab just my phone and head out the door. It's truly my essential carry, and I feel so proud every time I look at my Wally – we created a thing that makes a difference in my life every day, how cool is that!?
  • Fine-Point pen by Sharpie It's the perfect pen for my ALL CAPS chicken-scratch.
  • Leather Keychain by Sideshow Press I love the reminder to "Eat Well. Travel Often"
  • Horsehair Keychain by Tincup My friend Amanda makes by hand amazing bows for string players, and makes these one-of-a-kind keychains with the horsehair scraps – each one is unique depending on the scraps she has on hand. With it I can easily find my keys in my bag, and it's a great cat toy. Bonus.

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Team EDC: Mary's Everyday Carry

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