Summer Essentials: Must-Have Beach Gear

Sand. Surf. Sunburns. Summertime just might be our favorite time of year. 

Distil Union Summer Essentials include polarized MagLock Sunglasses  

In Charleston, we're spoiled with quick access to a variety of beaches, and a seemingly endless list of ways to have fun in the sun. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, even paramotoring– and we want to be ready to answer when adventure calls. 


Distil Union Summertime Essentials include Wally Case and MagLock Sunglasses 

Traveling light is a way of life here at Distil Union– and getting down to the bare minimum is especially key in these hot summer months. One way we do this is by simplifying our wallets down to only 3 or 4 cards, and carrying them in a Wally Case

My iPhone is always in my pocket, so having must-have cards close at hand (and hidden) means I can leave behind my wallet altogether. It's one less thing to keep track of when packing a cooler and heading out for a day at the beach.


Distil Union Summertime Essentials include Wally Case and MagLock Sunglasses 

The blazing summer sun should bring to mind these two words: Eye. Health. It's important to protect your eyes against UV light all year of course, but summertime calls for the added protection of polarized lenses. Fishing on the open seas, reading a novel poolside, or even road-tripping across the country– all introduce an added dimension of glare as the sun's rays reflect off of surfaces like water and pavement.


Distil Union Summertime Essentials include Wally Case and MagLock Sunglasses


The lightweight lenses we use for our MagLock Sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, and are polarized to cut the harsh glare that's bouncing upwards into your eyes– easing eye strain and protecting your eye health even further. If you're fishing, a big bonus of cutting surface glare is being able to see through the water.


Distil Union Summertime Essentials include polarized MagLock Sunglasses 

The magnet that's hidden in the arms of MagLock Sunglasses mean you can instantly clip them to your shirt– and skip the Croakies while keeping your sunnies secured when you're reeling in your fresh catch over the side of the boat. Keep your sunglasses scratch-free by clipping them to the inside of your tote (instead of swimming around in the sand at the bottom of your beach bag), or use the included hard-body carrying case that conveniently folds flat. This summer, don't forget to simplify! And sunscreen, don't forget sunscreen.