Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: Travel Edition

Stanley phone stand by Distil Union

Back in January, Lindsay and I flew up to NYC for the NY Now winter tradeshow. Combing through the aisles at the sunny Javits Center, we found some fantastic new lines to carry at Objective Design Shop back in Charleston!

When not at Javits, Cassa Hotel Times Square was home base. Which, by the way, is one of the most hospitable places in New York, if not in America! The people behind the front desk were the friendliest and quick-witted folks – they even remembered Lindsay from her NYNow stay back in August, treating us to a complementary bottle of champagne. #VIP! Their welcoming staff, paired with tastefully designed rooms, hallways, and common spaces made for an A+ stay in the Big Apple.

Our own products were on display at NY Now, courtesy of American Design Club. We hand-carried a few precious prototypes of Stanley with us on the plane, putting Stanley to the travel test:

Stanley by Distil Union

Stanley is constructed with steel, which bends to any position, so we flattened him out for efficient packability. At the hotel, Stanley was perfect for making an iPhone function as an alarm clock, and for holding the in-room iPad mini for some tunes while flipping through product catalogs for future Objective Design Shop offerings!

 Stanley stand by Distil Union

When it was time to return home, Stanley assumed the straight position and off we were again. As nice as the hotel was, it was even nicer to have a dedicated spot for holding our phones and charging cable. Thanks, Stanley :)