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Article: Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: On the Nightstand

Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: On the Nightstand

Stanley by Distil Union

Remember the very first Distil Union product, Snooze? 

It was 2012. Everyone was tired. America was still digging themselves out of a recession, and the least people could ask for was a little extra sleep. Why not hit the snooze button a time or two before getting up?

We were at our wits' end with fumbling for the iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar – to solve that problem and make our mornings a bit brighter. It was a fresh, minimal take on an iPhone dock that also worked as an alarm clock, plus a handy place to charge your phone thanks to the included longer-length cable. 

Fast forward to 2016. We're in a better place economically. Americans are active and getting healthy amounts of sleep. Not to mention, the two latest models of the iPhone no longer fit in the original Snooze – and so we've sold out of Snooze to make way for Stanley.

More inclusive to phones of all sizes, Stanley won't become obsolete with your next phone, and can even be used to hold your tablet for some reading or Netflix before bed. Stanley keeps your charging cable in place, and still includes an extension cable that works with your existing charging cable, so it's easier to plug into those hard-to-reach outlets. 

The intuitive, bendable form also provides a nook for a pair of glasses or a watch. And to make Stanley function as an alarm clock, you can download our Snooze app for free! We're currently working with our brilliant developers to update the app with some slick Stanley perks, so you can keep on snoozing smarter with adjustable snooze durations and dimmable display.

Stanley Stand by Distil Union

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