Resolve to be Resolute

Pump the breaks– it's almost the end of January 2017

By this time, the resolutions you made 4 weeks ago may not be as fresh in your mind. We're here to reinstate our goals for this year as a reminder to make the next 11 months productive ones. 

1. Only bring something into your house if you really need it

Minimalism is the way of the future. Our population is becoming more mobile and living in smaller spaces. It's difficult not to be curious about the viral yet anomalous ways of Marie Kondo. Even if you can't bring yourself to go full #konmari on your home, you can at least be more discriminating with impulse buys, clothes you never wear, and incapacitated art supplies (did you know: if you lined up all the dried-up glue sticks in America end-to-end, they would reach from Maine to Florida*). 

2. Try to have a little less screen time

These days, it's difficult to not be glued to your phone – whether it's staying on top of emails or keeping up with the latest on social media, screens are a hard habit to break. Make it a goal to set aside some time each day to do something that you couldn't on a phone or computer. For starters: have coffee with someone, work on your window garden, or read a few chapters out of a real paper book.  

3. Pack lightly and carry only the essentials

You'll be amazed with the freedom that comes from learning to be a carry-on-only air traveler. You should be able to fit 5-7 days worth of clothes in a carry-on bag, and if you're going somewhere longer than a week, you should have time to do a little laundry. The materiality and design of the bag you have can make or break you here. Aim for something really lightweight but durable. It's an investment that will last year after year of travel and will ensure you're only carrying the stuff you packed, not the bulk of your bag. An easy introduction to traveling lightly is with your wallet. Especially since it's an object at a pocket-sized scale, every stitch counts. 


Wally Bifold 

*Ok, not really. But let's all agree to get rid of that kind of stuff.