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Article: Pablo's Cameo in Charleston Art Mag

Pablo's Cameo in Charleston Art Mag

Michele Kortbawiwilk in Charleston Art Mag. Photo by Karson Photography.Modern Wild, Charleston Art Mag. Photo by Karson Photography

The Art Mag is Charleston's quarterly publication for happenings in the art community and local events. The Winter 2016 edition was released as the "Nature & Nurture Issue" featuring wildlife- and landscape-centric artwork and the artists who create it. In a piece titled Modern Wild, Marjorie Rawle features artists Rachelle Oatman, Colby Caldwell, and Michele Kortbawi Wilk (above). 

With a dose of whimsy, a nod to ancient and modern methods, and a hint of pop art, we’re dubbing these “modern wild.” –Marjorie Rawle, The Art Mag

Photographed by Karson Photography with art direction by Elizabeth Bulwinkle, the stylists stopped by to shop our lamp selection at Objective – and scooped up the Tube Top from Pablo. This lamp (one of our faves) perfectly accented the modern and bright set created for the shoot. 



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