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Article: DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in January

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in January

MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel

MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel - Share the Power. Save the Space. This portable device from MOGICS is the world's first travel power strip. And who doesn't love a donut??

Ruggie on Kickstarter

Ruggie - How's your New Year's resolution of "wake up earlier" going? That's what we thought... You need Ruggie! The alarm sounds until it feels your body weight for three seconds– forcing you to get out of bed. At least for three seconds... 

BONCHO Bike Poncho on Kickstarter

BONCHO - Bike Poncho. Stay fashionably dry on your commute with a Boncho. While we're not 100% convinced of the fashionable part, we do love the idea of rolling up to work not being drenched.


Prepd - To help us keep another New Year's Resolution, we're loving this beautiful lunchbox and app to help you plan meals and transport them in minimalist style. That curved wood spine reminds us of the Lumio, one of our favorite Kickstarters of all time!

The Ultimate Cutting Board on Kickstarter

The Ultimate Cutting Board. Just as the name suggests, this is the "Swiss Army knife of cutting boards." But be quick, you only have a chance to be a backer until February 3rd.

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State Bags Interviews... Us!

State Bags recently interviewed our industrial designer, Nate Justiss, for some insights on our 4-year-old product design start-up and newly opened Objective Design Shop. We wanted to share Nate's...

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Pablo's Cameo in Charleston Art Mag

Modern Wild, Charleston Art Mag. Photo by Karson Photography The Art Mag is Charleston's quarterly publication for happenings in the art community and local events. The Winter 2016 edition was rele...

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