MagLock Shreds the Gnar

Distil Union Visits SK8

We visited a true gem of a park to film our latest MagLock Sunglasses product test. Operated by Charleston County Parks & Rec, SK8 Charleston was a labor of love to construct. This passion project was conceived in 2014 when a site was secured in the neck of the Charleston peninsula on Oceanic Street. Team Pain designed the poured concrete park complete with a 220 foot snake run and two bowls. Now that SK8 is in operation, it's one of CCPRC's most beloved parks.

The Smiths, a local skater family helped us test MagLock Sunglasses yet again. And yes, this mom, dad, daughter, and son can all shred the pavement, and yes, they're way cooler than all of us. Don't miss Otis's sick handplant. 👇👇👇


The money shot: Otis nails a handplant, MagLock nails staying on his shirt. 

Audrey Indigo catches some air.

Johnny O. sporting MagLock Sunglasses.

Sick moves happening SK8 Charleston. 

Nate sets up the camera angles, complete with a marsh sunset backdrop. 

Gavin filming in the midst of so much gnar.




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